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Oct 28, 2013 6:00am EDT
the republican, the current gubernatorial -- attorney general cuccinelli has been running for governor, this year. how did this happen? >> each of the boys take internships, they get involved in real politics on different parts of the spectrum, and ben is really a republican loyalist at this part of the film, and ken cuccinelli was running for reelection, and this is part of the campaign that he worked on. >> here is ben and ken cuccinelli. >> liberals in america want more government, more taxes, and a completely amoral cultural system. this is your children's book for the summer. >> thank you very much. >> if you ever forget who you should vote for, read this book. and if you have kids, give them nightmares before they go to bed. through christ our lord, and thank you for this time together, amen. in a campaign, you learn to prioritize, and pro-lifers and evangelical christians are huge supporters of the republican party along with big business, but there are only so many ceo's in the world. this is a tight race, and it is my first experience with negative campaigning. i hope it is received well
Oct 27, 2013 11:00pm EDT
't necessarily hold the same views as his mentor, tim cuccinelli. ben's been skiddish about participating in the campaign for the film during the relief this political season perhaps for that reason, that he doesn't tend to have a lot of the social issues that he would be asked about if he was supporting the film. >> he talked about an amoral political system. morals were brought up again. what did you sense the definition of all three boys was of the word "morals"? >> definition of moral s? >> yeah, from their perspective. 50 ben has a specific meaning about this. i think, you know, do you have the marriage that's between a man and a woman? do you basically follow traditional rules? do you work hard? do you play fairly? when it comes to politics, he has a pragmatic view of that. he sees that as moral. >> when you were recording the moments, who was there on the camera? >> i'm the only one there. i shoot myself. i do the sound on our own. it's not a large crew. we blend in to situations and that's how we get the material that we do. >> nick talking to an a.u. professor here in town. i ass
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)